Lucas van Vuuren - the modern real estate mastermind
One of the Real Estate Icons have done it again
March 2015 was a busy and innovative month with the pinnacle being the announcement by the highly respected and well known real estate professional, Lucas van Vuuren, with the inauguration of LRE Group (Lucas Real Estate Group).
The LRE Group is an incarnation of professionalism, expertise and exceptional in-house support offering award-winning service and guaranteed customer experience. With more than 30 independent agents in various offices throughout the Peninsula, LRE Group is a serious contender in the commercial, residential and rental sectors. 

With a passion for property and people, Lucas started his real estate career more than 20 years ago.  It was inevitable that someday he would realise his dream and launch his own brand.  At a time when many people contemplate settling down to enjoy life, Lucas gave wings to his dream and the rest is history in the making.
When Lucas was asked to comment, he had the following to say:
“Due to ever-changing lifestyle demands, social climate and transformation in the dynamics of real estate, a different approach needs to be taken than before. Clients are well informed and need assurance that they are dealing with both qualified and competent agents. We also need to take a stance in playing a pivotal role in reshaping the approach to the alienation of the property by renovating established ideas and transforming them into brilliance”.
Call them trendsetters, icons or visionaries, it makes no difference.  The LRE Group is the latest, hip and happening evolution in real estate.
Join the LRE evolution today!